About Colter

Assistant Professor, Communication, Louisiana State University || Expert Trainer, Empathy Bootcamp

Colter grew up in a suburb of Houston and earned a BA in public relations from Texas State University. This was followed by a soul crushing year in the corporate world before realizing his calling as an educator and researcher. Colter obtained his doctorate in communication from Arizona State University and recently accepted a professorship at Louisiana State University.

Colter’s research focuses on the “dark side” of social support, focusing on the reasons why some supportive messages are more hurtful than helpful and why some people choose not to reach out to loved ones in times of need.

In his spare time, Colter is a dog dad to the best Australian Labradoodle to ever live and loves playing board games with friends. Colter enjoys dabbling in all sorts of hobbies, ranging from music to golf and would probably make an excellent addition to your bar trivia team.


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